Snow Day

Sleeping sweetly, snuggled down

wrapped in blankets, safe and sound

through the window sunshine peeks

house is quiet, mommy sneaks

to ready coats and hats and gloves

and breakfast for her little loves

Outside the world is dressed in white

soft as clouds and sparkling bright

lying in wait, the coming day

brings lots of fun and snowy play

make a snowball, then another

throw them at your older brother

Grab a sled and climb the hill

roll and tumble, slip and spill

build a snowman, dress him up

pour hot chocolate in a cup

come inside, put on dry clothes

warm up frozen hands and toes

read a book on Mama’s lap

stretch and yawn and take a nap

wake up, bundle up, and then

go out and do it all again.

© Amy Porterfield 2015

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