Morning Song

Darn my circadian rhythm anyway.

I’m a morning person. As soon as the sunlight hits my window I’m up and ready to seize the day.

I love the quiet solitude of my mornings, before the frenzy begins and the little people I live with start making demands. I putter around quietly, making sure not to wake any of the people who are sleeping all over the place because there is no structure in this house. I’m the queen of my castle for about an hour every day.

I wake up feeling excited and invigorated. Then the first child wakes up and suddenly I’m exhausted.

Morning Song

From beyond the quiet walls

dawn is breaking, morning calls.

Come with me!

Awake! Arise!

Beckoning with brightening skies,

rousing us from comfy beds.

Awake! Awake, you sleepyheads!

Come with me, begin the day!

It’s time to learn and grow and play!

So much to see, so much to do!

So many adventures in store for you!

Follow the sun as he leads you along

and sings to you his morning song.

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