I’m Amy. When I’m not busy being a fantastically adequate teacher/mom, I’m a celebrated poet, storyteller, and children’s book author. By celebrated, I mean by my kids and myself. We think I’m amazing! I’m here to share my stories and look for other writers who are amazing like me.

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  1. Hi Amy, I just your piece about your son’s body image. I was so touched. I have had a similar situation with my own son. I applaud you for making changes to your life and self to help him. You’re a really good mom.

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  2. Hi Amy, I just read your article on body image being an issue for boys too and I feel like my situation is very similar to yours. My beautiful, healthy almost 10 year old son is completely obsessed with his weight and how he looks. If you have any helpful pointers they would be greatly appreciated! Your article is really the only thing I found on boys having body image issues. Thank you!

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    1. Jen, I’m so sorry it’s taken me so ling to respond! I got away from blogging for a while. (A long while, obviously.)My son is now 12, and his body image issues are not as bad as before, but they are still there. He slimmed down when he had a growth spurt, but he still talks about his “big belly” (his words, not mine). I try to focus on health and strength, and what they feel like as opposed to what they look like. But if he is fixated on a particular look, what he thinks health and strength look like, show him other examples of bigger bodies that are healthy and strong. I’ll try to write more about it. Hope this helps!


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